Our Story

In 1988, Lily Anderson started her business in a small booth with a tableful of items from her own home.  As they sold, she brought in more, added some pieces of furniture, a lamp or two, a stack of old fabric.  She discovered that customers liked her particular taste in things.  She discovered that she had, as they say, "an eye." 

The booth grew into a room, she found more sources, made more contacts, and the customers kept buying.  After a couple of years, she knew she wanted her own shop.  And soon Miss Lily's found its permanent home, the old store on the corner of Rapides Avenue and 18th St. 

Presiding over all is Miss Lily herself, now a fixture in the neighborhood, always busy with something but never too busy to greet an old friend or make a new one, answer a question or just pass a few minutes over a cup of coffee.  Often on hand, too, is her husband of over fifty years, Billie Anderson.  "Mr. Billie" is an integral part of the business, doing refinishing, making repairs, and restoring lighting fixtures since his retirement some years ago.  Children and grandchildren make their contributions as well to this real family business.